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A dental crown is a type of dental restoration that can serve several purposes.  One of these uses is to restore a missing tooth that has been damaged or decayed. The dental crown, however, must be custom made by Dr. Walter Dukes. In this way, it fits perfectly over your entire tooth.

Although dental crowns can be effective, they are not for everyone. Dr. Dukes will have to examine your teeth and mouth first to determine the type of crown that matches your smile.

The Dental Crown Procedure

The overall procedure for receiving dental crowns is comfortable. Dr. Dukes will apply a topical anesthetic to your gum before injecting the anesthesia. With the anesthesia, your dentist can easily work on your tooth without you feeling any pain. The effects of the anesthesia can last for an hour. If the effects have worn off, you will notice that your tooth becomes sensitive to hot and cold. It is normal and you will experience it for 6 weeks.

There will be soreness in the gum where the anesthetic was injected. To reduce the soreness, you may rinse your mouth with warm salt water. You may also take a pain reliever, like ibuprofen or Tylenol, only when necessary. In that case, fitting the dental crown into your tooth may hurt a bit. However, when the soreness is gone, you will not feel any pain anymore after 6 weeks. However, some patients may find it “painful” because they have to meet with the dentist in Santa Barbara for multiple appointments to place a crown. It may cause further discomfort if an additional procedure is needed to place the crown. For example, you may need a root canal. This procedure can be painful or uncomfortable for some patients. Remember that the tooth requires preparation for the crown. It may hurt or you will feel or uncomfortable.

The pain you feel will not cause any anxiety. But you may talk to Dr. Walter about how to make you relax during the procedure. Besides the local anesthesia, you may request to be sedated.

Choosing Dental Crowns

When your teeth crack or have cavities, they can negatively affect your overall health. It causes unhealthy bite and makes you prone to infection. With the assistance of dental crowns, your overall dental health can be improved.

Strengthening Tooth Structure

A simple crack may be nothing to you. However, it already compromises the overall integrity of your tooth. Each time you bite down on the compromised tooth, it causes more damage to the structure. By placing a dental crown, your tooth structured will be strengthened. As a result, it prevents the affected tooth to sustain more damage.

Looking Natural

Unlike other dental restoration, dental crowns look natural in your mouth. People will not know that you are wearing one. They are made of ceramic that can mimic the natural color of your teeth. Dr. Walter Dukes will design a prosthetic crown. The crown will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. As a result, you will have a natural looking smile.

Quick to Place

Dental crowns are easy to apply. Dr. Walter Dukes can apply it on the same visit. With the help of advanced dental equipment, Dr. Dukes can make your natural-looking crown long-lasting in one day.

Relieve Symptoms

Dental crowns can repair any damage to the enamel. It is especially beneficial if you suffer from serious tooth decay.

After the decay has been removed through dental filling or root canal therapy, the remaining part of the tooth is still prone to damage or discomfort. With a dental crown, it fortifies your tooth and protects it from sensitivity and further dental problems.

How Many Visits Does It Require?

Typically, it takes two separate dental visits. During the first visit, Dr. Walter will check your tooth to ensure if it can support the crown. If it can, he will fill or shave it so the crown will fit. On the other hand, the Santa Barbara dentist will have to make a large filling if the tooth is severely broken. The first visit also includes taking an impression of your tooth before he will send it to a dental lab. You will receive a new temporary crown during the first visit. On your second visit, your temporary crown is removed and Dr. Walter will position the new crown to the natural tooth using a special adhesive. You may have to wait a few days or a week before the second appointment. However, after the permanent crown has been placed, you do not have to go back to your dentist again for additional procedures.

The crown should look and feel like a regular tooth. However, you need to make a follow-up visit now and again, depending on your dentist’s recommendation. If you feel any pain after a dental crown, you may schedule an appointment with Dr. Walter Dukes. Call us today at 805-963-1222.