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Dental veneers are made of thin materials. They cover your tooth to restore your beautiful smile. These porcelain coverings can give you the appearance that you want after your tooth suffers decay or staining. Overall, dental veneers are durable. However, if you are not careful enough, you can easily damage them. They are made of cemented dental materials. It is true. Then again, they are not indestructible. In that case, they can come off eventually. However, it is vital to remember that dental veneers will not come off after a few months or years. Bear in mind that they can last for more than a decade, depending on how you care for them.

For that reason, it is vital to consider your daily habits as they can greatly affect the longevity of your veneers. Dental veneers may fail if you failed to follow the after-care instructions of your dentist from Santa Barbara.

Dental Veneers by a Well-Experienced Dentist

It can happen in certain situations. If you have the dental veneers placed by an inexperienced dentist, he can misapply them causing the veneers to fall off easily. For that reason, it is vital that you only have them placed by a well-experienced dentist, like Dr. Walter Dukes. Our dentist in Santa Barbara, Dr. Walter Dukes, has placed dental crowns to his patients’ teeth for more than a decade. With this experience, you can be sure that your veneers will not fall off easily. However, if your veneers have been around for more than a decade, it is not surprising if they fall off. You may need a new set of dental veneers if they fall off several times because of age.

When the dental veneers have fallen off, you must contact immediately the dentist in Santa Barbara. You must visit his dentist as soon as possible so that the veneers will be reapplied right away. The reason for this is that your teeth will be exposed to air. It is irritating to your tooth because its enamel has been shaved off, thereby, exposing the pulp.

If you don’t visit your dentist right away, you may need root canal treatment. You must contact Dr. Walter Dukes immediately to schedule an appointment. If he can see you on the day the veneers fell off, you must see him immediately. However, if you need to wait a few days, your best option is to put the veneer in a small container. Some patients may attempt to put the veneers back on their teeth. But, doing so may cause the veneers to chip off. That’s why you need to wait for your dentist to place them back on your tooth. However, he will only do so if it is the veneers still fit. If they are, then the Santa Barbara dentist will clean the veneer first.

Repairs may be needed if some parts of the veneers are broken. They may be necessary to ensure that the veneers will last for many years. The good thing is that you can avoid your veneers from falling off. If you grind your teeth at night, it is best that you wear a night guard. In this way, the mouthguard will protect your teeth against the effects of teeth grinding. A mouth guard does not stop you from grinding, though. It only protects your tooth. That’s why you need to know the cause of your teeth grinding or bruxism.

The number one cause of it is stress. Therefore, you must learn some relaxation techniques to help you cope. You may also lower your coffee intake as caffeine is known to cause stress and anxiety.


Our teeth are strong but they can wear down as time goes on. When that happens, they become vulnerable to damage. They are also prone to chips and cracks, as well as discoloration and other dental issues. The complications of weakened teeth can turn your smile into a frown. But they can be alleviated through porcelain veneers. The Santa Barbara dentist, Dr. Walter Dukes, may recommend porcelain veneers to restore your smile’s luster. But it is not the only benefit of this restoration procedure.

Mimic Natural Tooth Enamel

One of the reasons porcelain veneers are a popular restoration procedure is that they mimic the natural tooth enamel. Furthermore, they feel natural. In that case, they can cancel your discolored teeth or cracked teeth. Dr. Walter Dukes will make slight adjustments to your porcelain veneers when they arrive from the lab. The adjustments are necessary to cut any excess material. He will customize the veneers to perfectly fit over your teeth so they will look and feel natural.

Mitigates Cosmetic Dental Issues

Porcelain veneers are a popular option in fixing several dental issues. They are used for fixing spaces between teeth or replace missing teeth. These veneers can also restore broken or misshapen teeth or conceal discolored teeth. Dr. Walter Dukes will only recommend this procedure after examining your teeth and mouth. A complete dental examination is required to know whether or not you are an ideal candidate for this procedure.

Can They Resist Stain?

One of the benefits of having porcelain veneers is that they can resist staining. They are also resistant to decay. In fact, they are better than your natural teeth when it comes to resisting stains and decay. However, they must be given proper care so they can last more than a decade. You also need to practice excellent oral hygiene the same way you care for your natural teeth. Although veneers can resist stain, if you drink coffee excessively, it can still cause teeth staining. Furthermore, they can crack if you use them to bite down on hard foods. By following Dr. Walter Dukes’ recommendations on how to take care of your porcelain veneers, they will last for more than a decade.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other restoration methods, porcelain veneers are easy to maintain. You only need to brush your teeth twice a day and do not forget to floss. Doing these steps every day will help prevent plaque buildup. Porcelain veneers are non-porous. Thus, they can resist any permanent stains and cavities. Because of that, maintaining them is minimal.

Less Invasive

Compared to other types of restorations, porcelain veneers are less invasive. Dr. Walter Dukes will have to shave a half millimeter from your tooth surface. Dental crowns, on the other hand, need more filling. Furthermore, you may only need a small amount of anesthesia. Although there are plenty of benefits of having porcelain veneers, there are also cons of this dental restoration.

Color Does Not Change

As mentioned earlier, they can resist stain and cavities. Keep in mind though that your natural teeth will change over time. Your natural teeth are prone to discoloration. While the color of your natural teeth changes, the veneers will not, resulting in noticeable differences when you smile. But this issue can be alleviated if you visit Dr. Walter Dukes regularly. He will make sure that your teeth and veneers are in tip-top shape. As long as you wear veneers, Dr. Walter will guarantee you have a beautiful smile.

Prone to Chipping

Veneers are resistant to decay. Unfortunately, they are delicate enough to easily crack and chip. For that reason, Dr. Walter does not recommend it if you suffer from bruxism or you have the habit of grinding your teeth. Once you have corrected this habit, Dr. Walter will give you a go signal to have this dental restoration. Furthermore, the tooth under the veneer is not resistant to decay. Thus, if you do not practice excellent dental hygiene, decay can arise under a veneer. As a result, you may need to undergo a root canal and a dental crown.

Porcelain veneers are also not recommended for patients with weakened enamel and gum disease. But all is not lost. Your dentist in Santa Barbara will provide a better alternative for your condition. The cost of porcelain veneers is slightly higher than having composite resin bonding. Furthermore, they cannot be repaired if you chip or crack them. Since the natural tooth under the veneer has been shaved, it is more sensitive to hot and cold. Thus, you will feel pain when you eat or drink cold/hot beverages. Before you have porcelain veneers, Dr. Walter may recommend whitening your teeth first. That is if you are planning to undergo this procedure.

Making Your Dental Veneers Last

Dental veneers are not meant to last forever. However, some patients of Dr. Dukes are still enjoying the dental veneers that the dentist has placed after two decades. If you wish to make them last for more than a decade, you should ensure that you follow excellent oral hygiene practices. That is, treat your veneers the same way you care for your natural tooth. You need to clean your mouth by brushing your teeth twice a day. Use fluoride toothpaste to protect your natural tooth against cavities. Dr. Dukes may also recommend an advanced deep clean toothpaste for thorough teeth cleaning at home. Furthermore, you must visit his dental office regularly for checkups and cleanings. And if you are teeth grinding, make sure to wear a nightguard. Dr. Dukes will make a custom-fit mouth guard to avoid the veneers from chipping or cracking.

Never use your teeth to loosen a knot or cut an object. Your teeth are not tools. If you are guilty of it, make sure to quit these dangerous habits to maintain your teeth’s integrity. If you need dental veneers, call our dentist in Santa Barbara for an appointment. Contact us at 805-963-1222.