Yellow Teeth

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Yellow teeth and bad breath can exist together. Both can be treated by your dentist. These two conditions can be prevented and mitigated through proper dental hygiene. It is also vital that you visit your dentist regularly.

Yellow Teeth and Halitosis

Each time you visit your dentist, you are reminded to brush and floss every day. Practicing a healthy dental habit is vital to taking care of your teeth and preventing bad breath.

Yellow teeth typically occur if you have poor dental hygiene. In this case, you do not floss or brush every day. Eventually, tooth decay develops. When decay happens, your teeth rot, causing halitosis.

If you do not brush and floss each day, food debris can remain in your mouth, collecting bacteria. The bacteria in your mouth produce compounds that can cause your breath to smell unpleasant.

If you are not brushing and flossing regularly, you will develop yellow teeth and smelly breath. People with yellow teeth do not necessarily suffer from halitosis. However, other individuals have bad breath and yellow teeth.

Some people with yellow teeth brush and floss daily but suffer from staining. The staining can be the result of the food they eat or the medications they take. No matter how many times they brush and floss, their teeth are still discolored.

Other individuals do not have discolored teeth but still have smelly, unpleasant breath. They may not brush their teeth regularly or they may suffer from a stomach condition.

Keep in mind that gastrointestinal diseases can adversely affect your breath. Patients with stomach ulcer and GERD have halitosis. That is, no matter how hard they try to clean their teeth, their bad breath remains. They must treat their stomach condition before their halitosis can be treated.

Eating Specific Foods

Some foods can cause nasty mouth odor. One of them is garlic. This spice is known to contribute to halitosis. Because this spice is absorbed into the bloodstream, it goes to the lungs and is expelled.

Although garlic and other foods do not necessarily cause yellow teeth, they can still give rise to bad breath.


Some medicines can cause yellow teeth and bad breath. They are medications that cause dry mouth. Xerostomia or dry mouth reduces saliva production.

Saliva is important because it cleanses and eliminates the food debris that causes odor. If there is insufficient saliva, you will suffer from halitosis.

Dry mouth may also cause yellow teeth. That’s why it is vital that you treat dry mouth to prevent it from causing yellow teeth and bad breath.

When you visit your dentist, you might be given artificial saliva that can alleviate dry mouth. You can also try chewing sugarless candy to encourage saliva production, or you can increase your water intake.

Whether or not your yellow teeth are causing bad breath, it is important to consult with your dentist. Schedule your appointment at Mesa Dental to have your halitosis and yellow teeth checked by our dentist.