Dental Bridges California

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Smiling can be awkward when you have a broken front tooth. You will also become self-conscious. However, that is nothing compared to a problem with a dental bridge that keeps breaking. Repairing it will create confusion and place a financial burden on you.

If your dental bridge keeps breaking, call Mesa Dental and schedule an appointment with our dentist in Santa Barbara. Our dentist knows what to do with your broken bridge.

What Causes a Dental Bridge Break?

A dental bridge is made of a metal frame. The frame is covered with porcelain, which makes it sturdy. Without proper dental hygiene, the material can weaken. The materials may also crack during a trauma (for example, a blow to the tooth during a car accident or a fall).

The bridge may also break when the abutment teeth break. If that happens, the bridge will not function properly, though it remains whole.

Bridge Keeps Falling Off

There are plenty of reasons for this. The most common culprit is decay. This can occur either around or under the bridge.

The bridge and crown cover most of the supporting tooth. Unfortunately, a small area of the tooth is unprotected. Food can get stuck in that area.

If you don’t properly clean your teeth and mouth, that area will start harboring decay-causing bacteria. Cavities can easily develop.

Cavities can start small at first. They can develop at the margin of the crown. If left untreated, cavities can expand deeper and travel through the tooth.

The bacteria will eat away at the tooth structure until nothing is left to support the crown. The result? The dental bridge will keep falling off.

Irregular Pattern

If the bite around your bridge has an irregular pattern, it can create pressure points in the dental bridge. There could be a point in the bridge that is too high. Our dentist will examine the area and adjust the bridge if necessary.

While You Wait for Your Appointment

You might be able to see your dentist right away. However, if you need to wait a day or two, it is best that you avoid chewing in that area.

Areas, where restorations are performed, can be weak. The tooth structure cannot withstand too much pressure. To preserve the tooth structure, you must avoid biting down or chewing in that area.

The good thing is that when your dental bridge breaks, you will not experience any pain. However, if you leave it untreated, bacteria can enter your dental bridge, causing more dental issues over time.

You have several options and your dentist will discuss them with you. The most common options are to repair the bridge or to replace it. Repairing the bridge through dental bonding can be done in the case of a minor fracture. A full or partial veneer may also be applied.

Replacing the bridge might be the best option for you. It will ensure that no bacteria get inside the bridge.

If your dental bridge keeps breaking, schedule an appointment with us. Our dentist will restore your smile immediately. Contact us today.