Dental Cavities California

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Sometimes, it can seem like cavities develop no matter how well you practice dental hygiene like daily brushing and flossing. On the other hand, some people never develop cavities. Cavity risk can often come down to genetics, which causes some patients to be very susceptible to cavities, and our team can help you address these issues.

Genetics sometimes cause patients to develop soft tooth enamel and teeth that are very close together, increasing cavity risk. When it comes to genetics, the root of the problem may not be so simple to fix. However, you can protect soft enamel and prevent cavities by brushing your teeth and gums gently to avoid oral harm. You may also want to avoid soda, as it can make your tooth enamel weaker.

If your teeth are very crowded, treatments such as orthodontics and tooth extraction may help. Crowded teeth should be addressed soon so that bacteria isn’t left to hide in these tight spaces and prevent your daily oral care from being effective. Dr. Walter Dukes and our team are pleased to help you overcome complications with overcrowded teeth to help you have improved oral health.

It’s much simpler and more conservative to treat cavities that were detected early because it reduces the extent of the tooth decay and can avoid significant tooth pain or need to perform root canal therapy to save your tooth.

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