Dental Crowns California

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If you have ever had a broken tooth or became a victim of decay, you may have had a dental crown placed over it. While a crown does guard and strengthen this tooth, it does not mean you can forget basic health care. You need to keep a close eye on what happens in your mouth to keep both the dental crown and the surrounding gum tissue safe.

Remember that your dental crown and your natural teeth are not very different from each other and can be hurt by similar things. Taking on very hard foods, like popcorn kernels for example, as well as chewing hard candy and ice can fracture a dental crown as well as a natural tooth. You can avoid this by being careful of what hard foods you eat and simply sucking on ice and hard candies, though moderate how much candy you eat.

If you have a tendency to grind or clench your teeth, understand that this can wear down your teeth and dental crown over time and could break them. Try to be conscious of when you are clenching and grinding so you can work to break the habit.

You should also never forget to brush and floss the crown. The crown does protect the tooth it covers from decay, but this protection is not ironclad, and surrounding gum tissue is not included in the crown’s policy. The plaque still builds up, and if it persists, it can infect your gum tissue and cause gum disease. As long as you brush and floss the crown as if it were a normal tooth, you stand a better chance of preventing such issues and living a comfortable life.

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